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"From Notebooks to Networking since 1993!"


MEGACOM has various service and support offerings for our clients:


Regular Service Options:
This plan is available for those clients who wish to pay per incident.  The rates are as follow:

- Bench Service - $75.00/hour with a maximum of $150.00 (2 Hour) labor charge regardless of actual service hour.

- On-Site Desktop PC Service/Support - $120.00/hour with a minimum charge of $180.00 (1.5 Hour) for regular on-site.

- On-Site Networking/Server Systems Support - $150.00/hour with a minimum charge of $225.00 (1.5 Hour) per on-site visit.

Note: The bench service means customer brings in equipment to be serviced to MEGACOM office.  On-site service means our service technicians/network engineers will make a visit to a customer site.  Please note that we do not dispatch any "geeks" to solve your already complicated problems!

MEGACOM TotalCare Support Services (Maintenance Service Contract Options):
This plan is available for those clients who wish to establish a business relationship with MEGACOM to obtain a dedicated support at a significantly reduced price compared to our regular service options. 

Besides the cost savings, the clients will also benefit from strategic planning, regular preventive maintenance, documented configurations, free telephone support, reduced down-time, priority service & support and more.

The rates start from as low as $4,000.00 and varies based on monthly service hour allocation and number of desktop/notebook/server systems to be managed. 

Subcontract Options:
If your business is a support organization or reseller in other parts of United States who need to service any of your clients in Greater Los Angeles area and needs helping hands from IT professionals, we could provide services to you!

We will work with you under the following guidelines:
1. We will work according to and within your Scope of Work Orders and always on time.
2. We will handle all our interaction and communication with your clients that meets and exceeds a professional business practice standards.
3. We will guarantee that we do not solicit your clients for other businesses meaning all direct communication and request from your clients will be forwarded to you for a discussion and approval from and by you.

By following above guidelines, we could offer you a quality of service to guarantee all our works and also make your clients fully satisfied while minimizing downtime and also resolve any problems quickly.

Note: The negotiated service rates will vary based on scope of projects, time urgencies and frequencies.  Please contact us for more information.