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Thanks for using MEGACOM's RemoteCare Support Services!

We sincerely hope that utilizing our online RemoteCare On-Demand Support Session(s), our systems consultants / engineers were able to address and resolve any issues that you may had experienced.

If the issues had not been resolved yet to your satisfaction, please feel free to contact us again by calling (213) 637-8600, Option #2 any time between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday (PST).

For your future reference, if you are not a RemoteCarePro Managed Services subscriber yet, MEGACOM offers a cost effective bi-annual/annual RemoteCare subscription for an economical price when compared to a per-session RemoteCare service charges. 

Please review MEGACOM RemoteCarePro Managed Service (MRMS)  subscription information for more information. 

Thank you.  

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(NOTE: You will be billed for this RemoteCare On-Demand support session ($75.00 for standard support session or $150.00 for extended support session) as described in previous pages unless you are a current MEGACOM TotalCare Support Services (MTSS) or a MEGACOM RemoteCarePro Managed Services (MRMS) subscriber.)