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"From Notebooks to Networking since 1993!"

MEGACOM RemoteCarePro Managed Services (MRMS)

Let's face it.  Your current IT Service Provider profits when your systems are down - even though you are paying him to maintain your network.  We operate with a different set of values.  Our clients enjoy a fixed monthly fee that never fluctuates regardless of how many service calls or problems.  We can only profit when our customers don't face IT disasters.  Out of necessity, we must go that extra mile to proactively manage, secure and improve your network and systems to keep IT disasters at bay.    

Introducing MEGACOM RemoteCarePro Managed Services (MRMS) - a new proactive way of managing your computer systems and networks! 

Our service is provided as a subscription based service.  You don't need to invest a lot of money upfront to get started.  For a low monthly fee, you can immediately sign-up for our services. 

If you don't like what we have to offer (quality, personality, level of services or whatever), you can request for a cancellation at anytime for a full refund on a remainder of your subscription period. (note: refund amounts are calculated prorated for the remaining unused monthly subscription)  No service contract cancellation penalties to worry about and no hassles if you no longer require our managed services! 

Please review our RemoteCarePro Managed Services brochure for more information.  We look forward to help you manage your systems and networks!  From notebooks to networking since 1993!

Management Portal For MRMS Subscribers Only:

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MRMS Patch Doctor

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