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Dark Web ID

In today's ever-growing cyber threats, what is your company/organization doing to protect your own employee's sensitive user credentials and PII (Personally Identificable Information)?  

Does your organization currently have an easy and automated way for you to obtain and identify when a data breach had occured from 3rd party online service providers which your employees use and access to conduct their daily business related activities? 

When those stolen credentials are available for sale on dark web and being shared/exchanged amongst those criminals whose motivation is to use those stolen ID/credentials to steal and gain more sentisitve information and ultimately gain and make illegal profits?  

If your staff or employee's credentials have been stolen and used by illegal hackers/criminals to access company related data (protected data, client information, company secrets or other related digital assets), how much damages would it cause for your own operation and also what kind of effect would it have for your company/organization's reputation?

Are your staffs/employees protected from targeted "Phishing Attacks" or does your company/organization provide proper Cybersecurity Training for security awareness? 

Sign up for our Dark Web ID Monitoring & Notification Services and we can help you uncover all of those security weakness within your company / organization.

If you're interested in learning more about our Dark Web ID Monitoring and Notification services, check below links for the related product info and video or contact us today. 

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