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Is your system slowing down to a crawling speed?  Are your network users complaining about slow network and/or server performance? 

How long has it been since you had purchased your current systems (notebook, desktop or server class systems)?  Have you performed a very important task called "defragging your hard disk drive" since you had purchased your system(s)? 

If you do not know what "hard disk fragmentation is, you probably have never "defragmented" your hard disk drive as your system does not perform this important task automatically (unless you had purchased and installed a commercial defragmentation program such as Diskeeper!) and that's most likely cause of your system slow down, frequent error messages, system hangs and freezes, crashes and total system failures.

Fragmentation 101:

Fragmentation is a performance crippling phenomenon and if left unchecked, it can lead to above symptoms/conditions.

Disk fragementation occurs when individual files are not stored in contiguous segments.  To fit space restrictions, files are broken up and scattered around the hard disk.  So the file system has to generate more I/O (Input/Output) to address the excessive file fragments.  In simple terms, your system's overall performance is slower than what it should be!

Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks 2.0
    Use this tool to find the fragmentation that's crippling your network.

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    You are not convinced yet?  Download and install free 45 days trial version and see it for yourself.  After you try it and if you are convinced that your system/network performance is noticeable, contact us to purchase Diskeeper solutions for your business or organization!